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Magic Witch Community

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in participating in an upcoming round of Magic in the Mailbox.


Chances are also pretty high that you’re wondering just what, exactly, is Magic in the Mailbox.

A few years ago I felt called to create community among women.

Over time, that has evolved to focus specifically within our witch and herbalist community.


From that desire came Magic in the Mailbox.

So many of our sister witches find themselves alone.


Ya’ have to admit, it can be tough to find witches out and loud in most communities. Fortunately we now have social media. For better and for worse, it sure is bringing people together.


Still, though, it’s a far cry for actual community. Community, to me, is sharing. Not just images and feedback and compliments (although I do love that!), but sharing our skills, our creations, and our magic. This is what Magic in the Mailbox is about.

Should you choose to participate, you’ll be partnered with another witch to exchange handmade gifts with each other; and maybe, just maybe, forge a new witchy friendship too. Here are some examples of gifts I have seen exchanged:

  • handmade incense

  • lotions

  • tea blends

  • art

  • bread

  • recipes

  • jewelry

  • candles

  • journals

Those are just a few examples of the amazing magical gifts I have witnessed over the years.

Usually a packages contains a few small gifts, but follow your heart.

So are you now probably like, “Holy crow! I need this in my life!”, right? Of course you are! It’s a beautiful experience.

Here’s what you need to do to participate.

First, please ask yourself if this is something you can commit to. It’s always an opt in program.

So each sabbat you choose to participate only if you want. I’ll never just assume you’re participating.

If you are joining, please, please, follow through.

When I receive your payment, contact info and mailing info, I will email you a confirmation.
The day after the enrollment deadline I will email out partner information.


We also use #magicinthemailbox to share our experiences. However, remember that many of our participants are still in the broom closet, so check with them before tagging them, please.


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