E & E Tincture

E & E Tincture


Echinacea is such a powerhouse of immune system support and stimulation. It helps our white blood cells do their job, killing off invading pathogens. That's not all that Echinacea has to offer us, but it is certainly what she's best known for. Echinacea is also antimicrobial and supports our lyphatic systems! All great things when we're fighting off a sickness.


In this blend, I have combined my two Favorite Immune System herbs that begin with the letter E. Echinacea & Elderberry!


Did you know that Elderberry strengthens our own cell membranes; making it harder for intruding viruses to penetrate? Not only that, Elderberry does actual damage to viral cells, making it harder for them to reproduce in our bodies.


It is key to begin working with these herbs at the very beginning of symptoms. While Elderberry is usually fine to work with in a proactive sense, Echinacea should really only be called on when early symptoms are present. This is due to it's powerful immune stimulating action.


I suggest 1-2 droppers full 3-4 times daily at the onset of cold or flu symptoms. Discontnue use within a week, or as soon as symptoms subside.


note: there has been no official research yet regarding Elderberry or Echinacea and Covid19


Those who have auto immune conditions should exercise caution when working with immune stimulating herbs.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to research the safety of all ingredients.


Ingredents: Elderberry Tincture, Echinacea Tincture


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    There are no returns on product unless the item you recieve is not the item you ordered.



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    Orders ship every Tuesday


    Ingredents: Elderberry Tincture

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