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2021 Herbal Mentorship Program

2021 Herbal Mentorship Program


I have a passion for the magic & medicine of plants. I also have a deeply seated need to share what I have learned with as many people as possible. So I have decided to do just that!

There are lots of options out there for herbal schools, but that's not exactly what I'm offering. This is about mentorship. Certainly you'll learn about a variety of plants (37 different herbs to be exact). Yes, we will grow your vocabulary around Herbalism. We'll develop your Material Medica, and I will send you one ounce of each Herb of the Month to work with. I'm even including an herbal consultation for you as part of the program (a deep dive into you & your life in which we discover the ideal plants for you to work with right now, as well as 4 ounces of custom made plant formulas created just for you).


 Here's what I'm offering you that only I can offer: ME!

Enticing, no?


This is where the mentorship part comes in. Each month you & I will have a one-on-one video chat where we can discuss what you're working on as well as your questions & observations.


There will also be weekly live videos in our private Facebook group, where I'll share recipes, insights, and other herby tidbits. If you can not attend live, the videos are available to watch at your leisure.


The 2021 program is currently underway, but you are welcome to join. I have two spots still open.



    There are no returns on product unless the item you recieve is not the item you ordered.

    All ingrediants are listed, so please review to ensure there will be no allergy or pharmaceutical complications.

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