About Me

Kitcen Witch Herbalist

Hello there friend,

I often struggle with the whole "about me" thing. However, when working with an herbalist (or anyone for that matter) I believe it important to feel like you know and can trust that person. So, I'd like to invite you to get to know me.

My name is Michelle. I live in Southern California with my husband and two children. I have been many things over the years; a wild child, a hopeless romantic, a career gal, a mentor, etc... I think we all try on many hats until we find the right fit. I came into herbalism through both my practice as a witch, and a woman in need of healing. Healing for myself and my children. I was diagnosed with Bi Polar Disorder about 9 years ago. I took all the pills, became a zombie, and lost all track of who I was. My health and relationships suffered greatly. My children, who are both on the Autism spectrum, struggled in many ways themselves; food & gut issues, sleep issues, anxiety, rage, and so on. About seven years ago I had a moment that changed our lives.

I knew this was not the way we were going to find healing; and so I began to search for something else. This is when I discovered the concept of natural medicine; holistic wellness. Western Herbalism.

I was able to ween myself from all the pharmaceuticals (don't try this at home without supervision, kids), healed my son's GERDS and leaky gut, created an environment and life that was conducive to our unique needs. At the core of all of this was, and remains, the magical medicine of plants.

I have studied with several teachers, invested thousands of hours, and am continually learning about my craft. The products and services offered her are done so with the highest intentions of bringing you wellness and healing. It is my purpose on this planet to share what I have learned with others. It is an honor, and I truly mean that, to be part of your lives.