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Chill the Fuck Out Tincture

Chill the Fuck Out Tincture


Things can get overwhelming. I am sure we all experience that from time to time, right?


You know that feeling when it seems that any little thing might make you cry? Or maybe the dreaded anxiety attack is knocking at the door to your heart?


This is why I created Chill the Fuck Out.


This blend of herbs is calming to the emotions, soothing to the nervous system, brings tension relief to the muscles, and thanks to the amazing wonder that is Motherwort, brings a much needed sense of protection in vulnerable situations.


​You may or may not notice a slight tingling or numbness on your tongue. This is an effect of the Kava Kava and is totally normal. ​


Dosage will vary person to person, so you will have to experiment to find yours. Personally, I like 3-4 full droppers on my tongue. That usually does the trick nicely. I would suggest, however, that you start with One dropper, and then adjust as needed.


May cause drowsiness


Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to research the safety of all ingredients.


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    Ingredents: Tinctures of Ashwagandha, Motherwort, Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Skullcap, & Kava Kava

    May cause drowsiness

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